A FOUR-METER HIGH ROBOT LAMP -. The mindset of Berlin-based designer Pascal Howe‘s is firmly roo- ted in the Atari 2600 console world of the 80s. His collection VDI 2860, which first materialized in The Worker, is in its form language a homage to this- hovering between the status of Object and everyday item, dysfunction and function, reality and fiction. VDI is the official abbreviation of the German Engineers‘ Association name in German and 2860 refers to the guideline that describes the prerequisites a machine needs to fulfill, in order to be classed as a robot. Howe‘s inspiration for this collection came as he was shopping around for a turntable, and his attention turned to the RPM1.3 from Pro-Ject which, unlike many modern electronic items, does not favour form over function: “When you look at it, you can immediately see how it works; the technology is not hidden from the user”. A similar concept is used by Howe in his work; technology plays a vital role in the design process, to see a degree even that it gives a space a surrealistic feel. With The Worker he not only discovered his fascination for technical details, but also for vinyl toys, aka art -or design toys, colorful plastic figures originating from the graffiti scene.. “For years I wanted to do something in this style, and this project has given me the opportunity”, he says. While the vinyl toys are typically small, The Worker however, aesthetically matching the machinery of a construction site, with jointed segments and a sturdy tripod base. is not a small figure, but is strikingly large at over four meters Its broad foundation with three feet enables it to be set up on rough terrain, while its adaptable nexuses allow the platform to be raised and lowered. A long arm provides sufficient freedom in the fixture’s orientation and the Worker Lamp features 360 degrees of lightbulbs to provide multi-directional illumination. With the technological and structural intricacies completely visible, the design is complimentary to both industrial and minimal styles and also functions as a durable lighting solution for a variety of work areas. (mb) Image © Cosima Hanebeck