This urban Installation by the Berlin based artist duo Various & Gould, realised with the help of Bronco and Studio Nura, dates from March 2012, but we sill love it: “In a small street in Berlin-Friedrichshain, there was a crate-like structure. The box was built to protect an old street gate from frost damage during winter. It looked very abstract and strange. Passing by one night we had the idea to transform it into a Trojan horse simply by adding a head made from slats and card-board.” On November 16th Various & Gould will open a new exhibition, WANTED WITCHES – WITCHES WANTED, 13 portraits of people who make a difference, at the Open Walls Gallery, Stattbad, Wedding. We will report on it later. (mb) Image © Lucky Cat.

VARIOUS & GOULD- TROJANER refugium berlin