Munich based designer Philipp primarily sees himself primarily as a storyteller. Working between textile, ceramics and film documentation, his interdisciplinary practice and narrative take inspiration from different cultures, craft, literature and music.


His graduation project, Strange Symphony, that won him this year’s New Talent Award at the DMY Design Festival in Berlin, and which is currently on show at the Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft/ Department of Labor and Economic Affairs in Munich, threw a bridge between the traditional craft of glassblowing and music and film, and provided a stage for the drama and the music hidden inside the craft of glassblowing, by reinventing the glassblowers main tool, the age-old glass blowing pipe. Fascinated by the connection between glassblowers and the material they create, Weber remodelled the classic pipe with trumpet-style accouterments, in order to manipulate the relation between the glassblower and his material. The reinvented pipe has three openings, as opposed to the traditional one, allowing the user to choose which valve to open, how to control his breath and the molten glass, and to shape the inner form of the glass using different valves on the pipe. The film shows such a performance, featuring Belgian glassblower Christophe Gerard, in which the transformation of the tool stimulated a new working process and inspired the glassblower to improvise. In the video, Gerard moves as if he were a jazz musician, creating fluid bubbled pieces. The accompanying soundtrack by Berlin-based Johannes Arolt was added later, using music from clarinets, a trumpet and saxophone recorded in the glassblowing factory. (mb) Philipp Weber: Die Symphonie eines Dialogs. Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft Department of Labor and Economic Affairs Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 15, München. Through Dec.8th.