DESIGNMEILE BERLIN 2013 :: Werner Aisslinger’s 201 Chair Farm

Werner Aisslinger’s 201 Chair Farm refugium berlin

Through tomorrow, and organised by a network of businesses from and around Berlin’s Kantstrasse, Designmeile Berlin 2013 features some 25 events ranging from exhibitions over guided tours and films on to concerts and high teas. One of the highlights of the 3rd edition of this design week-end is the exhibition “For Better Living” at Stilwerk, offering a look at future domestic arrangements and curated by Werner Aisslinger, in an exhibition design by Judith Philipp. Today, DMY goes PanAm Lounge, while the three winners of the Berlin Design Souvenir Award Deine Idee fûr Berlin will be announced and the award exhibition formally opened. Stilwerk and the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin have joined forces to organize tours of the vicinity, while the Helmut Newton Foundation is hosting a photo-tour.
This image: Werner Aisslinger’s 201 Chair Farm, not intended to be produced in a factory or workshop but growing like a plant in a specialized shape set by a steel mold. When the latter is removed, it leaves behind a naturally cultivated seat to perch upon. More details on Designmeile Berlin 2013 can be found at