This is Valerie Otte, sculptor and designer. Today she was one of the speakers at the last session of Refugium, A Kind of Symposium, a series of conversations, conferences and debates, in which designers talk about their life and work, and their relationship to Berlin. The conversations are held at the Refugium (Berlin as a Design Principle) exhibition, showing some of the latest and most interesting on the Berlin design scene, and the main exhibition of the DMY-International Design Festival and Berlin Design Week, at Berlin Tempelhof. Intimate, face-to-face, and informal, the daily gatherings have little in common with what is normally expected from a symposium.

Moderators were Marion Godau and Max Borka, curator of Refugium, and director of its initiator, Mapping the Design World. Both teach at the Design Department of FH-Potsdam.

Program of the day :
Mark Braun, Franz Dietrich & Jakob Blazejczak/ Rejon, Joa Herrenknecht, Valerie Otte, Flip Sellin/ Coordination Berlin; Thomas Schmitz, Katrin Krupka & Maria Volokhova

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