SOON AT THE REFUGIUM :: ALEX VALDER: LATTE The Hardware Store Bookshelf. The Construction Kit.

Back in 2011 one of the more hands-on projects at the DMY International Design Festival was a workshop that invited participants to construct their own version of Alex Valder’s Latte: a shelving system constructed from narrow planks of wood, which could be built along instructions that were free for download online, as an Open Design project. The bookcase was as easy to construct as an IKEA one. Its parts could be found in the average Baumarkt or almost any other hardware store, while most of the cuttings necessary could also be ordered in such as shop. (Valder had paid only 40,50 Euro at his local Bauhaus). This year, Valder decided to make potential owners life even more easy by launching a construction kit for the Latte: “To facilitate the assembling we reduced the huge amount of possibilities and to improve the quality we replaced the pine laches with oak ones.” The basic element of Latte is a square outer-frame. The rest can be freely designed. Its simple assembly instruction remains available on Valder’s website. Open Design, 2010-2013.(mb)

ALEX VALDER- LATTE das Baumarkt Bücherregal:  The Hardware Store Bookshelf