SOON AT THE REFUGIUM :: Llot Llov: Berlin Urban Furniture

Llot Llov: Berlin Urban Furniture

The Berlin design collective llot llov acts on many levels. Its projects include building and shop interiors, products, one-offs and conceptual events that border on art and culture. Invited by the local ZITTY magazine to develop a concept for an urban furniture in Berlin, it came up with the concept of a variant on the ubiquitous scaffolding that has become a symbol par excellence for a city that is constantly on the move- quite anonymous, but multifunctional, a ‘little Utopia’ that plays on the intensity with which Berliners have made the public space their own, and equipped with the basic tools for typical Berlin activities, such as picnic, BBQ, and relaxing. The toolbox is not complete: the picnic tablecloth, string of lights, and lockers are already there, but chairs, lampshades, and padlocks are missing – inviting the residents to add and interact. “Open structures were an important factor. We asked ourselves why we should actually design anything in the first place, and the charming thing about this is that passers by and locals can design the scaffolding themselves. We’re just giving them a little guidance”. (mb)


Llot Llov- Berlin Urban Furniture